Discovery 4 engine system fault

By Henri du Plessis Oct 6, Pretoria - Crankshaft bearing failures in Land Rover V6 diesel engines produced before has led to warnings to owners of such vehicles to take precautionary action. The problem was published in a so-called TOPix report, a technical report in which Land Rover dealers are advised about technical problems. In fact, Land Rover has failed in every way to take responsibility for the issue.

Better still, these vehicles should have been recalled as other manufacturers have been held to do in the past. The vehicle will also have to be towed away. Birbeck said the next shock, after the initial breakdown and towing costs, would be the repair bill.

The quote given to her for the repair of her Discovery 3, with km on the clock, amounted to R Today, companies have a social and ethical responsibility. Dealers have been briefed on the procedure for any engine that experiences this issue.

TOPIx reports were communications intended to aid the technical community with information and diagnostic process, as well as helping dealerships manage the expectations of customers who are affected, Clarke said. These reports were openly published and available to third-party repairers or any individual who requested access. For vehicles affected outside of the warranty period we have offered customers goodwill assistance. Additionally, this vehicle was last serviced within the Jaguar Land Rover retail network at 77 km.

Unfortunately this offer was rejected, as the customer insisted on financial reparations as well as the opportunity to repair the vehicle at an unauthorised repairer. Jaguar Land Rover South Africa has responded accordingly. Motoring Cars Land Rover. Land Rover Discovery models with V6 diesel engines made before may have a fatal flaw that causes crankshaft main bearings to fail.LandyZone is the biggest Land Rover forum on the net. We have plenty of very knowledgable members so if you have any questions about your Land Rover or just want to connect with other Landy owners, you're in the right place.

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This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Welcome To LandyZone! Cookies Welcome Guest. Vehicle has done 78k miles and in showroom condition, full dealer service history.

Lack of Power – Land Rover Discovery 4

Just had full scheduled service, including belts. Have experienced amber warning light illuminating intermittently over the last 9 months, but fault clears when vehicle is locked and left for minute. It will then not reappear for weeks. However, last Friday, days after picking it up from the service, I experienced a coolant hose failure. Red warning light illuminated, accompanied by message saying coolant levels low.

Vehicle recovered to garage that did service and new hose fitted. When I collected the vehicle I was told of a warning light, apparently it had now gone into restricted performance mode. However, the warning had cleared itself when I got in and started it up? A few days later set out on a journey and 10 miles in put my foot down only to observe the red warning triangle illuminate and the message restricted performance message come on!!!!

When restarted the fault had again cleared and I got home without any further issues, a journey of 35 miles. This morning short journey without issue, shut down but stayed in vehicle for 20 minutes waiting for daughter, when restarted amber warning light illuminated! No baffled!

Commenced return journey and performance was fine until engine was put under load going up hill, at which point RED warning light illuminated and vehicle went into restricted performance mode. Now have vehicle with both the amber and red warning lights illuminated and operating in restricted performance mode. No other symptoms, no nasty noises, apparent leaks or smoke etc Somebody's got to live here. Sorry, I can only sympathise.

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Some members here are still having problems with Series Land Rovers and Discovery 1s, what chance do you think they might have on a Disco 4? Good luck with it, I hope it works out OK for you.Along with costs to repair are described below, for further advice on the following issues phone our service department on or email service kmotors. One of the most common repairs we perform in our workshop is replacing the front lower suspension arms.

Often an MOT fail sheet will refer to the lower suspension bush but it is much easier to replace the complete arm that it is part of as it is very difficult to remove the worn bush and press in a new one perfectly straight. Once new arms have been fitted it is important to have your vehicle 4 wheel aligned checking both toe and camber otherwise you will find your Discovery 3 or 4 pulling to one side and uneven wear on your tyres lowering their lifespan significantly.

If you hear a clonk as soon as the brakes are applied then it is very likely to be the lower suspension arm bushes.

Anti roll bars help keep a vehicle level when cornering, they have two rubber bushes around them which are held by a clamp bolted to the chassis. A sign of wear is a clunk when cornering. Also feeling the vehicle move or jump further over opposite to the direction you are cornering is a sign that the anti-roll bar bushes are worn and need replacing.

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VAT and fitting. Also known as drop links, these small rods with a ball joint on either end connect the upper suspension arm to the anti-roll bar and help keep the vehicle stable. A light metal rattle when travelling over speed bumps or potholes is generally an indication of worn drop link bushes. Often the bolts are in poor condition when it comes to replacing them and will spin on themselves making them very difficult to remove.

Another common problem is a grinding or rumbling noise that gets worse when turning and louder the faster you travel, this often indicates a worn wheel bearing. To check, jack up the wheel and feel for play by rocking the wheel from top to bottom. A drone or whining noise most noticable at constant speeds can be caused by dry bearings in the differential. To check, remove the diff drain plug and drop a small amount of oil into a clear jug, look for silver filings similar to glitter in the oil, if it is present then the gears are wearing and the diff needs replacing.

It is important to make sure your vehicle is serviced properly and regularly every 12k miles or 12 months whichever comes first to avoid the more expensive repairs.

VAT fitted. While offering superior ride quality and excellent off road ability the introduction of all round air suspension to the Discovery has helped set it apart from its rivals.

discovery 4 engine system fault

However, there are a lot of components in the system and faults are commonplace. Most air suspension faults have the same symptoms, the warning is a yellow light in the shape of a car with an arrow over the top of it and will show on the dashboard alert panel along with various typed messages warning that selecting different height options is unavailable and the vehicle may lower or vehicle has restricted performance the dreaded limp home mode.

Symptoms can be one or more corners will not raise, the vehicle will be slow to raise and only go to standard ride height, will not go in off road or access mode. The same symptoms and warnings can be caused by any of the following issues priced below. We would always advise a full diagnostic check to narrow down the cause before changing any parts. If the vehicle suspension will not raise over one wheel and height sensors, valves and all the other faults listed above have been ruled out then it is likely to be a split or leak in the suspension air bag.

These cannot be repaired and the complete unit will need to be replaced. Loss of power on the Discovery 3 can be caused by a number of issues. Most will require the vehicle plugging into diagnostic equipment to find the exact cause however the most common faults are EGR valves or a split in the main intercooler hose.

This means that the air boost pressure is lost so the air and fuel mixture is incorrect leading to poor performance and generally black smoke from the exhaust.Disco3club Skip to content.

Quick links. Engine System Fault. Going up a slight hill on the M5 the first time - then again passing a lorry Then again on what I thought was light throttle again up a slight hill on the M Now, it could be the intercooler which is blocked again - but there must be loads on here that have blocked intercoolers and don't get the same problem.

Except perhaps Derek who's had his changed and his turbo and still does it. Looks like another trip to the dealer - though I would like to read the fault codes first, so I have at least some knowledge. Hopefully, I'll be able to do that tomorrow, unless the post van has had a remap as well as stickers. Gone but not forgotten. Re: Engine System Fault. If only I could think of something useful to type here!! I've since been off road a couple of times and although I've tried to keep it clean, it's almost impossible.

Still don't think its the whole story. It's back to the dealer when I get south. TFC diagnosed it as an injector imbalance. No re-occurrence of the problem since. It would worry me more if the dealer can't find a fault, but an independent can.

discovery 4 engine system fault

Actually, no, it wouldn't worry me, but if I were the dealer, I would be worried. I thought it was P but might have been P, can't find the scrap of paper. I had a new filter fitted in case this awe the ESF cause, maybe they screwed up!LandyZone is the biggest Land Rover forum on the net. We have plenty of very knowledgable members so if you have any questions about your Land Rover or just want to connect with other Landy owners, you're in the right place.

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Cookies Welcome Guest. I've had this fault message pop up. A month ago I got the car MOT'd and then left the car standing for a month whilst I was away working.

My missus came and picked me up from work, a trip of about 17 miles. When I got in the car to drive it the fault message appeared. It seems sluggish to me, but then it could be my imagination as I've not driven it for a month.

We have had rain of biblical proportions whilst I have been away. Any ideas anyone? Thanks in advance. Stay FrostyAug 17, Get it on a code reader to see whats up,if left for a month it could be low battery voltage causing errors.

HenryDAug 17, Thanks Henry, code reader is on its way! Hope you are right about the low voltage! I believe it could either be a sensor or the actuator arm has seized due to it standing for a month. It is a bit lazy at low speeds at the mo! Stay FrostyAug 20, Right, I've got the car in bits and sprayed plenty of GT85 into the abyss behind the turbo.

There is a rod which looks like No 6 on the diagram below! Is this what I am looking for? I't doesn't move freely but I'm not trying that hard as I don't know what direction I should be moving it in, or how far it should be moving. Stay FrostyAug 23, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content.Original Poster.


Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 Disco 3 HDC fault Lotusevoraboy Original Poster posts 99 months. Hi all, Tearing my hair out at this. In short, the Dash is lit up like a Xmas tree with pretty much every warning light coming on upon start up and the info display saying HDC fault special programs unavailable and then park brake fault.

The vehicle has also put itself in crawl mode, with it dropping the suspension and restricting speed and revs massively.

discovery 4 engine system fault

It has done this a couple of times in the past, but it has been solved by turning the engine off, locking the doors and waiting a few minutes. However, now it won't even do that. The problem started this time when I changed a blown head lamp bulb, but I don't know if that's coincidental. I fiddled with it and checked the connections afterwards and the warning lights did clear, but came on again and returned to crawl mode after about 8 miles when I touched the brakes Many disco forums suggest all this means the battery needs replacing, but the RAC came out this AM to fit one and said there was nothing wrong with it.

He also tested the alternator and no problem there. Any advice? Anyone had similar problems? Anyone recommend a good independent garage with Landy knowledge in and around S Yorkshire or N Lincolnshire? Trying to avoid main stealer.

Much as you might hate the Main Dealer, they do serve a purpose You may well find it much cheaper and less agro if you get it over to them as they'll be able to plug in the test kit and tell you exactly what's causing the problems. Had a similar Xmas tree of lights recently that turned out to be the brake switch causing problems.

discovery 4 engine system fault

The wife instigated a number of errors that included the ones you mentioned. But I couldn't recreate.Forum Rules. Register Help. Remember Me? Page 10 of 22 First Last Jump to page: Results 91 to of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Reply With Quote. We tried starting again, were told by LR Assist to open and close doors 3 times "to reset computer" all to no avail.

So the ignomy of the tray back and pointed fingers. Sigh I'll update once cause is known. On the plus side we had a great holiday and D4 was awesome doing everything especially tracks like Bill Goat bluff etc. Cheers need a drink tonight Chris.

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Originally Posted by Stornoway SA. Damn, damn, damn. Originally Posted by Disco4SE. Hi Chris, Had mine in at ULR Malvern this week for the Power Upgrade Module, only to find out that this upgrade had been done along with others at my last service which was just before Christmas.

No problems since Interested to know your outcome. Cheers, Craig. I'll update everyone as soon as mine is ready. Ozscott, The power module upgrade is part of the software upgrade. As far as I am aware, its not a replacement part. Coincidence that mine happened at Kph towing my boat on a flat road. Nothing yet guys - car is staying overnight.

Only one warning ever came up - red triangle and engine system failure. I had cruise on kmhr and it was beginning to labour up the hill we were on so as I dabbed the brakes to cancel the cruise - on came the warning and the power just disappeared. That was it. I tried to reset the computer and checked everything under the bonnet - air filter was "as new" RAI certainly does its job!

The car sounded perfect and "rev'd" nicely. But it was down on power as soon as the warning came up. I tried to check the oil using the dash readout and it said "not available".

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