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Last weekend was a wonderful one, as we had a very productive training session. New songs are coming along as surely as the grey skies of Finnish spring. Most of them are still on a working title status where some arrangements and lyrical decisions are still finding their form, but two of them, Bitter Lessons and Safer, Easier have already been played to a live audience. Bitter Lessons is a personal account about depression and the will to survive that sneaky bastard of a disease.

Safer, Easier reflects on the moral decisions we make during our lives and the basis we have for making them. A fictional story yes, but all too true in the so called real world as well. We played a special gig in September where we had prepared two sets, one being semi-acoustic. It worked so well we decided to keep those songs in our repertoire for future shows as well, to show off the softer side of Silentium.

These families stand tall through the turmoils of life and art and find strength in each other and the music they create.

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riina rinkinen blogi

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riina rinkinen blogi

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Riina: Meri on ilmastonmuutoksen katalyytti, kärsijä – ja potentiaalinen pelastaja

CEM and Mission Innovation The Clean Energy Ministerial aims to ensure and precipitate the deployment of clean energy technologies and solutions available today. Interview and information requests: Riina Rinkinen Communications Manager riina. Posted in Press release.White Lake, MI. Kim Rinkinen lives in White Lake, Michigan. Online, Kim goes by the alias rink1. Krista Rinkinen lives in White Lake, Michigan.

On the internet, Krista goes by the alias kristarinkinen. Terreton, ID. Risto Rinkinen lives in Terreton, Idaho. On the web, Risto goes by the alias ristorinkinen. Chassell, MI.

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Shannon Rinkinen lives in Chassell, Michigan. Online, Shannon goes by the alias srinkinen. Panama City, FL. We Found Rinkinen. Jenni Riihinen - jenni. Rinkin - rinkin. Sari Inkinen - Sari-Inkinen. Maria Rinkinen - maria. Aurinkoinen Alisa - aliisa. Iina Rinkinen - iina. Inkinen Eija Riitta - inkinen.

CHITALADA SHOWDOWN! Next Gala 28.9.2013! (Tampere, Finland.)

Riikka Emilia Rinkinen - riikka. Sophie Rinkin - sophie. Shashi Rinking - shashi. Ritshinen Wakdung - ritshinen. Rinkina Sk - rinkina. Nico Rinkinen - nrinkine Tanja Rinkinen - TanjaAlli.

Tuukka Rinkinen - rinkinen. Samu Rinkinen - samurinkinen. Jenny Rinkinen - jennyrinkinen.Friday, November 16, Silemtium. This second tape caught the attention of Sami Tenetz who was at the time setting up his record label Spikefarm.

The record also introduced the new drummer, Janne Ojala. Infinita Plango Vulnera got extremely good feedback, pleasing goths worldwide, as did its successors, the CD Altum and it's little sister, the SI.

VM mini-CD. Every listener was touched someway and the long awaited gigs started to appear in the tour list. Also Laaksonen and Anna Ilveskoski, who already gained the status of permanent vocalist, left and the whole band lived on the edge for awhile. Silentium changed the record label also. In the they signed to the Finnish Dynamic Arts Records company and in the spring of it was time to head towards studio Sundi Coop.

In these records can also be heard the change of violin to the cello played by Elias Kahila and the sound of Silentium has only completed from before. The year came out to be bigger than ever; welcome for the Seducia was quite good and the fuss began to grow. The band had more touring than ever before and this time outside Finland also.

The country and the fans really knocked the band off their feet and they gave their absolute best for the sunny Sibiu. Few months after that came the news of a Silentium song being the part of the Portuguese film and the power play of Silentium in the radio.

And all that time the band toured inside Finland and visited new venues and met new fans. Posted by Nguliat at AM No comments:. Tuesday, November 13, Edenbridge.

riina rinkinen blogi

Edenbridge is a symphonic- and neo-classical metal band from Austria. The line-up was completed when drummer Roland Navrati joined the band. Edenbridge quickly set to work, and entered the recording studio inand signed a recording deal with Massacre Records the very same year. The album, named Sunrise in Eden was released in the autumn of The band added a second guitarist, Georg Edelmann, to its line-up in February,but his stay with the band was to be a short one.

When he left in January,he was replaced by Andreas Eiblar. Under this line-up, Edenbridge released the album Arcana During a tour inEdenbridge's bassist and founding member Kurt Bednarsky left the band. In November the same year, the album Aphelion was released. Their next album, recorded live and entitled A Livetime In Eden was released in August two years later, followed shortly by Shine in October. At this time, a new bassist, Frank Bindig, joined the band. In December the same year, guitarist Andreas Eibler left the band on friendly terms and was replaced by Martin Mayr.

The Grand Designtheir fourth studio album, was recorded at Lanvall's studio Farpoint Station one of many Star Trek references surrounding Edenbridge and was released May 19th, Edenbridge has signed a world wide deal with Napalm Records and are proud to announce to be part of the Napalm Records family from now on.

On October 11,Edenbridge revealed the title of their next album: it will be called MyEarthDream and it will be released in April Monday, November 12, Within Temptation. The story keeps getting better and better! Yesterday, we received a World Music Award!Metal probably has as many subgenres as humanity has fingerprint patterns…ok, maybe not that many, but there is no shortage of bands whose existence and commercial viability are tied to and defined by whatever classification latches on or the trending artist at the time for better or worse.

There is range to cover any melodic passage, enough power to contend with the maelstrom of heavy riffs and blasting drums as well as the finesse to draw the listener in when the song demands it. Silentium has been around for a long time and has seen some lineup changes. One of the things I love about Silentium is indeed the distinctive sound. We make use of real orchestral instruments wherever we can. One song has a woodwind quartet.

Even though our songwriting has evolved along the years I think the sound still holds the same qualities that give us our special twist. The writing style has always had this emotive authenticity to them and the performance never fails to carry the lyrics home. What is it like to hear the music underneath those words and give life to the story in each song you write?

To me, singing is an outlet for all the emotions I go through day by day. Sharing those emotions and hopefully being able to provide whoever is listening some relief, joy or something to relate with is the best I can hope for.

We are all extremely excited, it feels like the stars have aligned and pieces are finally falling into place. I love doing live shows and it actually makes me emotional just thinking we get to invade some stages soon enough. Feels even more amazing. Expecting Mr. Keenan to blow up our inbox with pure hate any minute now.

Not really tho, we love you, Maynard! Could you share a hint or two…or five…pertaining to what the new album has in store? Musically, aesthetically and technically.

The songs have a good variety of different moods and styles, all the while retaining the sound we discussed earlier. We have yet again failed to write a song short enough for repeated radio play.

We have a couple of ten-minute monsters in there and one of them is pretty much my favourite. Hard to pick one, tho. The most personal lyric I wrote for my son. Good luck singing it without crying, Riina. In the past, we spent like four or five weeks in the studio in one go and came out with the recorded and mixed album exhausted and dizzy.

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