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It is much more functional as an airsoft weapon than most of the Sten replicas out on the market, as to be expected from a build by AGM. We have these AEGs in limited quantities at the lowest price on the market, so grab one while they're still in-stock!

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Sten , UK WW2 top gun

For maximum performance and accuracy, Airsoft Megastore recommends GoldenBall ProSlick BBs which carry perfect spherical consistency and density, available at AirsoftMegastore for the lowest price on the market, guaranteed. Battery Charger Recommendation: Although this fully automatic airsoft rifle comes with a standard wall charger to charge the battery, Airsoft Megastore recommends the use of a smart charger to avoid overcharging the battery overcharged batteries may cause decreased airsoft gun performance and may shorten battery life significantly.

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Start typing your question and we'll check if it was already asked and answered. You may also need these:. Click on link to download:.They had a simple design and very low production cost, making them effective insurgency weapons for resistance groups, and they continue to see usage to this day by irregular military forces.

The STEN is a select fireblowback-operated weapon and loads its magazine on the left, rather than the bottom, as is the usual configuration. The army was forced to replace weapons lost during the evacuation from Dunkirk while expanding at the same time. In order to rapidly equip a sufficient fighting force to counter the Axis threat, the Royal Small Arms FactoryEnfieldwas commissioned to produce an alternative. The credited designers were Major R. The Sten shared design features, such as its side-mounted magazine configuration, with the Royal Navy 's Lanchester submachine gunwhich was a copy of the German MP In terms of manufacture, the Lanchester was entirely different, being made of high-quality materials with pre-war fit and finish, in stark contrast to the Sten's austere execution.

The Lanchester and Sten magazines were even interchangeable though the Lanchester's magazine was longer with a round capacity, compared to the Sten's The Sten used simple stamped metal components and minor welding, which required minimal machining and manufacturing.

Much of the production could be performed by small workshops, with the firearms assembled at the Enfield site. Over the period of manufacture, the Sten design was further simplified: the most basic model, the Mark III, could be produced from five man-hours of work.

The Mark I was a more finely finished weapon with a wooden foregrip and handle; later versions were generally more spartan, although the final version, the Mark V, which was produced after the threat of invasion had died down, was produced to a higher standard.

The Sten has been described by Max Hastings as: "highly unreliable, prone to jamming, and inaccurate beyond 30 metres. It was unsuitable for guerrilla operations in open country because it encouraged waste of ammunition. But it was easy and cheap to produce, a gun was said to cost fifteen shillings three quarters of a poundand was supplied to the French Resistance in huge quantities".

The Sten underwent various design improvements over the course of the war. For example, the Mark 4 cocking handle and corresponding hole drilled in the receiver were created to lock the bolt in the closed position to reduce the likelihood of unintentional discharges inherent in the design. Most changes to the production process were more subtle, designed to give greater ease of manufacture and increased reliability, and the potentially great differences in build quality contributed to the Sten's reputation as being an unreliable weapon.

However, a report stated that "Exaggerated reports about the unreliability [of the Sten] were usually related to the quality of manufacture.

The Sten was replaced by the Sterling submachine gun from and was gradually withdrawn from British service in the s. Other Commonwealth nations followed suit, either by creating their own replacements, such as the Australian F1 submachine gunor adopting foreign designs. The Sten was a blowback-operated submachine gun firing from an open bolt with a fixed firing pin on the face of the bolt. This means the bolt remains to the rear when the weapon is cocked, and on pulling the trigger the bolt moves forward from spring pressure, stripping the round from the magazine, chambering it and firing the weapon all in the same movement.

There is no breech locking mechanism, the rearward movement of the bolt caused by the recoil impulse is arrested only by the mainspring and the bolt's inertia. Though the MP40 was also built largely for this purpose, Otto Skorzeny went on record saying that he preferred the Sten because it required less raw materials to produce, and performed better under adverse combat conditions.

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However, the open-bolt firing mechanism, short barrel, and use of pistol ammunition severely restricted accuracy and stopping powerwith an effective range of only around m, compared to m for the Lee—Enfield rifle.

Stoppages could occur for a variety of reasons: some as a result of poor maintenance, while others were particular to the Sten. Carbon buildup on the face of the breech [16] or debris in the bolt raceway could cause a failure to fire, while a dirty chamber could cause a failure to feed. Additional problems stemmed from the Sten's magazine, which was a direct copy of the one used in the German MP40originally in order to facilitate the use of that weapon's magazines.

While other staggered magazines, such as the Thompson, fed from both the left and right side alternately double-column, double feedthe Sten magazine, like the MP40, required the cartridges to gradually merge at the top of the magazine to form a single column double column, single feed. As a consequence, any dirt or foreign matter in this taper area could cause feed malfunctions. Additionally, the walls of the magazine lip had to endure the full stresses of the rounds being pushed in by the spring.

If a Sten failed to feed due to jammed cartridges in the magazine, standard practice to clear it was as follows: remove magazine from Sten, tap the base of the magazine against the knee, re-insert magazine in Sten, then recocking the weapon and firing again as normal.Designed by Major Reginald Shepherd and Harold Turpinthis Enfield weapon is easily recognizable by the now iconic side mounted magazine.

The magazine and housing can be rotated around the barrel to a degree angleallowing the weapon with magazine to be laid flat. This is great when you are lying down in the dirt, ready to fire!

They were produced extensively by the Enfield Royal Small Arms factory fromin order to replace weapons lost at Dunkirk, as the army could not buy enough Thompsons to meet demand. The British Army used them untilwhen they started to be gradually phased out, until they were fully replaced by the Sterling Submachine Gun in Stens also saw extensive action in the hands of the Jewish Underground and Israeli army during the war of Israeli Independence.

The version available in airsoft is the Mark IIthe most commonly manufactured variant and that which features the famous magazine.

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However, due to the magazine's double column single feed design, the weapon possessed the same problems as the German MP40which is prone to jamming. Cheap to manufacture, their fully automatic nature meant that at close quarters they far outstripped the firepower of 15 round per minute bolt action riflesas used by most forces of the time.

However, they were also restricted to an effective range of only m yds They fired the same 9mm pistol ammunition as the MP40, and the two weapons have many similarities, many aspects of the Sten being copied from the German model. It is an AEG airsoftand comes with a lithium battery and a charger.

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It is mm longand weighs 2. The magazine holds 50 roundswhich are fired at a speed of feet per second. This makes the airsoft version slightly longer and lighter than the military gun, which was mm long and weighed 3. Its iconic design and widespread use makes it a must have for any serious collector.

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For short-range battlefield power, this weapon still packs a punch and would not only be a great talking piece, but a serious opponent on any airsoft battlefield. Mark II The version available in airsoft is the Mark IIthe most commonly manufactured variant and that which features the famous magazine.Full description.

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sten gun airsoft

For more information on returning products, and how to do it please visit our Returns Policy Page. The externals are almost entirely constructed from Alloy. The real STEN was rapidly built in factories and even bicycle repair shops, often cobbled together from whatever parts were available at the time, this Airsoft Gun replicates this haphazard manner of assembly.

Just like the real MK. The Stock is fixed in place during use; however it can be removed to access the internal Battery Space. Forget all your modern Tactical Railed kit; its time to head back to basics.

While some may commend this as an impressive replication of an authentic design feature, it does create something of a safety concern. We strongly recommend not connecting the Battery or inserting a Magazine until absolutely necessary. A 1KG bag containing approximately high quality competition grade 0. A limited edition pcs evolution of the ever successful ARP-9 series of 9mm AR platform Airsoft Electric Guns, this time with a Crane Stock for extra battery space and a longer rail system for taller users.Upgrade Select one or more of the following upgrade options to enhance the performance of this product.

Prices include parts and labor. These options will be added to shopping cart together. Description Features: Authentic Operation. Satisfying Recoil Impulse. Good for approx. Comes with x1 32rd magazine. FPS - Approx. They had a simple design and very low production cost, so they were also effective insurgency weapons for resistance groups. Over four million Stens in various versions were made in the s.

This GBBR from Northeast is a lifelike and highly accurate reproduction of that iconic submachine gun for the s. The operation is exactly like the real one and it feels very good in hand due to its full metal construction. The gun has the ability to shoot in both semi and full auto which offers a very satisfying kick and can easily be taken down to a more compact carry form.

This particular version of the Sten features a skeleton stock instead of the more recognizable T stock. People who bought this item also purchased.

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Stock Alert. Paint Service Click here for details. Cerakote Service Click here for details. Add to Cart.After the United States joined the fight inthe British Army needed to come up with an alternative to the very popular Thompson that was sweeping the battlefield.

The overall simple and compact design of the Sten, some variants with only 47 parts, makes it easy to maintain and soon became the favorite rifle among British Soldiers in World War II. The unique magazine placement was designed after the Lanchester submachine gun in order to use the same magazines with variable capacity limits, originally a 25 or 50 round magazine. This high quality MKII replica from AGM is constructed from a full metal receiver, fixed stock, and barrel assembly to provide a realistic weight and maximum durability against the hardships of airsoft warfare.

Authentic replicas such as this British Sten are perfect for war reenactments and enthusiasts who want the most realistic experience possible. The ergonomically designed grip and fixed stock provides optimal stability and rifle maneuverability when taking aim or changing positions.

Fixed front and rear sights assist players in quickly and accurately zeroing in their targets without the need for an additional optic accessory. Internally, this Sten replica is fitted with a next-level custom full metal Tokyo Marui Version 7 Gearbox with a short type motor, and is easily upgradeable with aftermarket parts. Utilize the adjustable hop-up to account for various BB weight and target range for the most accurate performance during gameplay.

A rear sling mount point allows this rifle to be conveniently carried out of the way when using a sidearm or during transportation.

Coming out of the box firing at FPS, this rifle is field legal for most airsoft events while still having the power to take out those long range targets. AGM wanted you to be able to use this rifle right away, so they took the liberty of including a battery and charger in with every package.

Northeast Sten GBBR (Late Version) - Black

Shipping: Calculated at Checkout. You save. Velocity: FPS. Power Source: Electric. Current Stock:. Why buy from Airsoft Station?

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sten gun airsoft

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AGM Full Metal MKII Sten Airsoft Replica AEG

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sten gun airsoft

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